Video| My Straight Hair Routine & Process Breakdown

In my latest video, I demonstrate my no-fail flat ironing process that produces long-lasting, silky results on natural type 4b hair.

My basic regimen will be:

  1. Overnight pre-(sham)poo treatment of a hot oil of choice. Usually warm coconut oil to provide restorative properties to my color damaged hair that I’m currently growing out and a ridiculously brilliant shine to the end product.
  2. Shampooing twice to get rid of dirt, build-up and excess oil. This ensures light, flowing results and a super clear scalp since I won’t be washing my hair anytime soon.
  3. A protein treatment to give my hair a dose of strength before heating tools are applied. This will normally be my apHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor which is quick in delivering protein to strands.
  4. Deep Conditioner for 30-60 minutes with heat. Deep conditioning is the most important part of the entire process because this step infuses my hair with moisture. Moisture prevents breakage as well as protection against heat especially if said deep conditioner has silicones. Cones are a heat styling barrier. A quality deep conditioner also ensures my hair stays moisturized for the weeks to come since I do not add additional products to my hair throughout the weeks
  5. Minimal to no leave in. I spray a light touch of apHogee Green Tea & Keratin Restructerizer as my leave in for more strength but my main styler is water for–
  6. Roller setting. I DO NOT BLOWDRY BEFORE FLAT IRONING. Blowdrying zaps all the moisture from my hair. This causes my hair to frizz right back up after flat ironing because strands are desperately seeking moisture and will pull from the environment to replenish whats lost. Isn’t the body amazing? Roller setting, though time consuming, when mastered, is key to achieving amazing flat iron results. Silky, bouncy and moisturized shiny hair is always my out come because my hair is retaining all the goodness from the prior steps.
  7. Serum. I’ve been using Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shine and Gloss Polisher as my mild heat protectant, humidity dense and shine enhancer. I make sure I get the serum on my roots to deter reversion which always occurs there first. This serum always gives my hair the prettiest shine and boy does it last.
  8. Flat iron with a boar bristle brush. After the deep conditioning, this is the second most important step in my process. Using my trusty HAI Convertible Ceramic flat iron, and a Diane soft boar bristle brush, I put my flat iron to 400 degrees (perfect for me) and begin. I only pass the iron over each section ONCE because that’s all I need. Using the boar bristle brush to do the chase method yields the silkiest press any natural could ask for. It should be mandatory. I get every strand silkened and smoothed because the bristles do a way better job at catching everything over a comb’s teeth. Also, small sections are a must. It won’t work any other way.

In this video, I gave myself a well needed cut. No, not trim, a full cut. Chopped a good 2-3 inches off each section and goodness, my hair was tangle free and silky like nobody’s business. When you can’t run your hands through your freshly flat ironed hair without it being caught, it’s time for a trim. I loved cutting off that color damage, those nasty mid shaft splits and tons of fairy knots that plagued my hair’s greatness.

It’s been 13 days since my flat iron job and a maintenance and nighttime regimen video is coming soon. You wouldn’t believe how my hair looks without any product. That’s right, I haven’t added any product to my hair since day 1.

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