Top Three Reasons You Should Clarify Your Hair Now


My ride or die shampoos.

The basic hair regimen starts with shampoo or at least most do. However, many naturals have traded in suds for creamy conditioner for washing hair to maintain moisture as most find shampoo stripping to the natural oils of our hair. If you’re a low porosity natural like myself, you already know the struggle of saturating hair with water, getting conditioners to penetrate or watching thick moisturizers sit on top of your hair waiting for the day it’ll absorb so why make it more difficult by letting product build up on our already resistant strands?

At least once a month, a clarifying product should be used to let your natural hair shine (literally, shine).

Here are the top three reasons you should get to clarifyin’!

 1. Product performs better on clean hair

Deep conditioners and moisturizers are usually already thick and breaking through built up barriers make it even harder to see the true performance of products. Make sure to use a ph balanced clarifying shampoo like Mizani Puriphying Shampoo to remove all old product. You should notice better performance of following products afterwards.

2. You can see your curl pattern better

The reason so many naturals love bentonite clay treatments (a natural detoxifier) is because they do a fabulous job and clarifying and defining hair into your best kinks and coils. Its the main part of the Max Hydration Method and much beloved by myself because I can always count on my hair looking amazing after a twist out and especially a wash n go because my strands have been detoxed! Clean hair springs up because of removed build up. Experience your loveliest hair with bentonite clay. Watch my video to see how I use it on my hair, scalp and skin!


3. Your scalp with thank you

Hair is always secondary to its source–the scalp. Forget about healthy flourishing hair if the scalp is crowded by gel residue, conditioner that hasn’t been rinsed properly or sweat from a week of workouts. Healthy scalp means healthy hair and a clarifying shampoo like Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo with Apple Cider Vinegar will not only gently and efficiently deep cleanse hair, but those key components are magic to the scalp!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil promotes hair thickness, detoxes and softens.

Apple cider vinegar treats scalp issues such as eczema, dandruff and psoriasis while further cleansing hair and scalp and balancing the hairs pH which is important for hair manageability.

Start on the freshest track this cold season with super cleansed hair and scalp. You will reap the rewards by springtime!


C Marie 

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