A Simple Braid N’ Curl | Type 4 Hair

 A Simple Braid N' Curl | Type 4 Hair

After my haircut, I just have to redo all my previous hairstyles so I decided to start with a simple braid n’ curl for my kinky type 4 hair to see how cute it’d look! Ha!

Here’s my wash day:

{1} Washed twice with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo which is my most favorite shampoo I’ve used since I’ve been natural which is almost 5 years. I like a really nice clean base to get rid of build up and grease.

{2} I always deep condition. This time, I used Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Treatment Masque which is very good. I always warm up my deep conditioner in the microwave for 15 seconds so the warm of the product can better penetrate my low porosity strands.

{3}Added a quarter size amount of Giovanni Direct Leave In on each half of my hair and blow dried my hair on high hot heat (needed to be quick so that’s why but I usually use high warm).

{4} Took small/medium sections starting in the back, lightly dampened with my spray water bottle, took a dab of Cantu Coconut Curling Cream then distributed along the length. Proceeded to braid until a little before the end then took a blue perm rod to curl the end. Continued until entire head was done.

{5} The next day, I unraveled all the rollers and braids, separated and fluffed with my trusty pick and BAM! Cuteness galore!

A Simple Braid N' Curl | Type 4 Hair

Just in case you’re a visual person, here’s a quick video I made just for you.


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