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I love sharing things I love with you all in hopes that it may help with an issue, improve your life and that ultimately, you’ll love it too!

This post, I want to share a blog that has really altered my beauty insight truly inside out–

Belle Mocha, which was previously called, is chock full of the most amazing beauty, fitness, financial and hair information beautifully curated and set in one spot by founder/creator Nadege who also happens to run her business Beautifully Bamboo via the site.

If it wasn’t for this site, I probably wouldn’t be so into skincare now as I was a year ago. Her post on the Korean skincare regimen is how I delved into K-beauty and never looked back. Belle Mocha started as a relaxed hair health hub for women wanting to grow long healthy relaxed hair and has morphed into a wonderful lunch time read. I happily visit at least three times a week because she also keeps the site constantly updated with new posts. Winning!

Now that I’m adulting more, her clear concise articles on Mondays– “Motivation Mondays”–really speaks to the new generation financially. Accompanied by pin pointed strategies on how to get money to work for you, how to be productive and how to be the person you envy on Instagram, her posts will not fail to motivate you. I even purchased a few audiobooks she has recommended.

May I mention her site is completely about the all-empowered amazingly beautiful black woman. How could I forget!?

From style to femininity to diet and inspiration, how-tos and ingenius solutions, welcome to your new source for the best you.

You’re welcome.


C Marie

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