#ScorpioSeason|10 Things I Love About Being a Scorpio

#ScorpioSeason|10 Things I Love About Being a Scorpio

#ScorpioSeason is upon us. That lovely space between October 23rd to November 21st where the most interesting, brilliantly witty, emotionally inept creatures are born and I just happen to be one of them. Born November 5th, I’m well into the characteristically charged Scorpio sign.

Words used most often to describe include:

  • Passionate
  • Loyal
  • Ambitious
  • Focused
  • Jealous
  • Manipulative
  • Crazy (in the best possible way though)

We make amazing detectives due to our highly observant and unyielding motivation to find the truth. Wonderful parents due to our sensitivity and empathy, able to hone in on any emotions and heal with compassion. The best leaders due to our management and planning skills. It’s impossible for us to follow due to our dislike for authoritative figures. Why follow when you can make your own rules? Actually, DailyMail UK wrote an article that Scorpios dominate world leadership positions, with over 22 heads of government being led by the stinging sign. Damn!

The coolest of the cool are Scorpios such as Katy Perry, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates!

The pride I have for my sign is unwavering and I just have to share, no, scream from the roof tops, what’s so awesome about me, I mean, us!

1. Strength that allows us to fall off the horse 7 times but ride 8.

We don’t know what failure is because we never stop striving. God, I love that about me. I refuse to stop until I make it and yes, we end up banged up and bruised because of it but our egos deflate knowing we gave up, relinquished power or caved to pressure. It’s all about succeeding because it’s inherently within us.

2. We know what the hell isn’t for us and stick to it.

Although we aim to achieve, we know what isn’t for us. Unknown exotic fare for dinner, ugh, no thanks, I want the regular. Teal shirt? I’ll stick to burgundy. An opportunity that just doesn’t make sense to you so you choose to pass. People may think you’re a slacker, lazy, short-sighted–but the thing is, we know our lane and we usually stay in it. We’re perfectly within our rights to do so.

3. We’re magnets–to oddjobs.

If you take a look at a Scorpios friends, you’ll see a perfect reflection of them and you’ll wonder: What the hell? Scorpios always seem to host the oddest set of friends. You know why? Because they’re weird too! In High School, I was so lucky to have friends from every “clique” but I mainly rolled with the artists and misfits. People your parents wouldn’t be too fond of but you love them because they complement you. Scorpios aren’t picky, they just wanna have fun.

4. Mmmm, Oh My God, Stop F**king Talking.

Communicative creatures AF! We ask questions (unless we don’t care). Many questions and have statements. Many statements. We ask to learn. We gossip. We intrude. We vocalize. We give great speeches and deliver intelligent conversation. Hey, look at this blog. I had to create it because people were sick of hearing me talk. I’m pretty sure Scorpios just love the sound of their usually monotone voice.

5. We find solace in quiet.

Just as much as we gab, we shut down just as fast. Most Scorpios are introverts by nature. I literally become exhausted after a day at work not physically but from carrying so many small conversations all day long. By lunchtime, you can find me hiding in my rent-a-van or even a bathroom stall to escape inclusion. Mornings when everyone hasn’t yet risen or night when all’s asleep. A bowl of popcorn and a remote. A park stroll alone with my headphones in. These are a few of my favorite things.

6. We’re spiritual zealots.

You know, I haven’t met a Scorpio that didn’t have a passionate belief in something. I intensely believe in a higher being, in the universe and in good energy. Many Scorpios have the profession of church leaders. Pastors, deacons, priests. Why? Because when we believe in something, we love it and when we love it, it must be shared because deep down, we just want to help. And being feverish over what brings us solitude is just normal. How can I know God is good and not spread the word or know the Law of Attraction and teach you how to utilize it? As a Scorpio, it’s our job to force our beliefs down your throat! We need an army–to lead, of course.

7. Is this organic?

We tend to care about our body, our temple and feed it well. Most Scorpio women I know enjoy feeding their temples wholesomeness even if its just one green smoothie a day, an errant kale and avocado salad for lunch or having a meatless Monday every so often. We read labels and puree babies food. We enjoy strolls at the green market and planting and harvesting herbs from our windowsill. We enjoy purity and knowing we may live until 112 by incorporating these habits into our lifestyle.

8. Damn, I’m the sh!t!

Most Scorpios you know you either love or hate due to their aura. Love them because of their cool confidence or hate because of their tacky arrogance. We can’t help but think we’re all that and a bag of chips. We own any room we walk in. We slay outfits most think twice before trying on. We make parties come alive and its all in the way we carry ourselves. We aren’t really afraid of being goofy and in that we lose a lot of insecurities. We never try too hard because we don’t have to. We’re the bomb.com.life.gov. The absolute worst part is, we know it!

9. I may as well be Miss Cleo.

Our intuitiveness is unmatched by any other sign. We have the uncanny sense of just–knowing. Scorpio instincts are one of our finest traits. I sense sincerity, fakeness, weakness, deception, flirtiness all in an instant. We usually can sense ones intentions within 2 minutes of a conversation. This is wonderful for weeding out good cookies and bad brownies but because of our run ins with bad brownies, our guards are up to shield us from hurt. Sucks for the good cookies but we need to prepare ourselves for the worst. We have no time for anyone who isn’t real. I really love this trait.

10. Family. Family will always come first.

Scorpio loyalty. Ain’t nothing like it. This sign is who you call true “ride or dies”. They ain’t going nowhere if they’re down for you. Even worse if you’re connected by blood. Family is top priority for Scorpios because family, when all is said and done, will be there when the dust settles. Scorpios are sometimes ungrateful to this fact but never not recognizes the depth of love they have for mom, dad, brother, sister, nieces, uncles and cousins. I believe because family is our first and deepest memory that we just have that attachment to them. Our first loves: our parents. Our first friends: cousins. Its all inherent in us to roll deep and hard with family through the good and bad. They are our happy spot, unless they ate all the Crunch N’ Munch you were saving for later, then it’s time to kill. Hurt. Ok, ok, scold. Harshly.

Ok Scorpios, as you may know, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an endless list as to why we’re magically delicious but I’ll stop here. And for all those non Scorpios, know that we’re not jealous psychos or sexually charged nymphomaniacs but deep souls with a mildly addictive personality. Love us or hate us, our time is now so have a seat.

Live long and prosper my Scorpio brethren.

#ScorpioSeason|10 Things I Love About Being a Scorpio

xo C Marie



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