4b Summer Wash N Go Trials!

4b Summer Wash N Go Trials!

Since my haircut, I want to redo all my past hairstyles and the one I most anticipated was the famed wash n go. I like to call it defining my curls because most take the phrase WAY too literally but most naturals know what a wash n go is.

Playing with conditioner, leave in and gel combos have been so fun and they styling ease has been a welcome side effect.

Pros of a wash n go:

  • All in the shower styling. From cleansing to gel, everything I do is all contained within my shower
  • Nothing to worry about after I exit shower but drying hair.
  • My hair stays detangled because I rewash every two to three days.
  • I utilize finger detangling only which maintains my curl pattern but is really easy on my fine 4b hair.
  • Hair is perpetually moisturized because of frequent washes.
  • Because of frequent washes, my edges are sprouting. Also, the out style causes no tension on my edges.
  • My hair is always styled so I’m ready for any event and any moment. I don’t have to retwist, untwist, curl, fluff, nothing! And the style only gets better with age.

Cons of a wash n go

  • Single strand knots are multiplied! They’re usually the reason I ALWAYS veer from my wash n go lifestyle. I cant bear to have terrible ends.
  • All the damn money I’m spending on finding the perfect product combos. Ok, thats not a legit con but beware, the search will always continue.

Here are some product combos I’ve tried thus far:


This is my first wash n go of the season, using Giovanni Direct Leave In, Shea Moisture Omega 3 6 9 Conditioner and Ecostyler Argan Oil Gel. My favorite wash n go results thus far. Unfortunately, I feel by day 3/4, my hair was dryish due to Eco.



Then I wanted a softer hold so for this was n go, I experimented with Giovanni Direct Leave In, a bit of the Shea Moisture Conditioner, Eden Bodyworks Coconut Curl Defining Creme and Wetline Xtreme Gel. Hair was really soft but became pretty dry and dull by the time wash day rolled around. Coils were really defined though. Held up during a rainstorm that I was actually in the middle of.



My latest wash n go, I wanted to add more definition so I clarified with Mizani Puriphying Shampoo to remove all build up, overnight deep conditioned with DevaCurl Heaven In Hair, did a clay rinse to define curls consisting on bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. I then used DevaCurl One Condition as my leave in and WetLine Xtreme as my gel of choice.


This was my least favorite wash n go yet. It had no volume and I think I put too much gel because it was so so hard. I just threw it up into a high bun for a couple days.


I’ll be experimenting all season long so stay on the lookout for more! In the mean time, check out this Wash N Go With Me video!


C Marie

Wash Day | Flat Twist Out

Wash day flat twist out

I look like a nursing assistant here.

My most recent wash day was kinda sorta hectic. It had been three weeks (!) since I’d washed my hair which is one of the longest I’ve gone in months. My son just requires a lot of my attention and so does my hair and I had to pick one over the other and my son always won until I decided to just go for it. Because I’d gone so long, my hair was dry, dry, dry! So here’s what happened:

{1} I sectioned my hair into three: My crown which I like to focus on separately and the two sides. I used Shea Moisture’s Omega 3 6 9 Hair & Scalp Tonic on my roots and a few sprays on my strands to get it lightly damp. While that was taking place, I was warming up my Shea Moisture Heat Protect Oil Serum. It says serum but there are no silicones or mineral oil, just great oils (primarily grapeseed). Once warm, I doused my hair and scalp with the oil focusing on the ends. I lightly finger detangled then used my wide tooth comb to better detangle. I left this pre poo’d for hours! Like, 6 or 7 but I was just preoccupied.

{2} I knew I couldn’t sleep in the oil because I knew it’d be a mess so when it was shower time, I went ahead and rinsed out the treatment and shampooed once with my baby, Shea Moisture JBCO & ACV Shampoo. Clean and happy scalp.

{3} Partial laziness kicked in again. I say partial because I ALWAYS deep condition but I didn’t have time to sit under a dryer, and wash out again so I took my last bits of my Shea Moisture Manuka & Honey Masque mixed with my Shea Moisture Omega 3 6 9 Rescue & Repair Masque, popped in a cup, popped in the microwave with a bit of water (too thick) for about 35 seconds and slapped on the sections I’d created earlier starting with my crown which needed the most warmth from the deep conditioner. Slapped a cap on and went to bed! Not a fan of sleeping in deep conditioner but it happened.

Wash day flat twist out

{4} The next day, I washed out the deep conditioner, detangled with a paddle brush and dried very well with my towel. Added my Giovanni Direct Leave In then I did a light tension blow out on high warm heat. I wanted stretch and semi dryness so that was the route I went even though I do not like blow dryers.

{5} Sectioned hair, applied Cantu Coconut Curling Cream (one of my staple stylers) and proceeded to flat twist the root, plait (braid) the remaining ends and use a small perm rods. Why all the extraness? Well, a flat twist stretches the roots, a braid stretches the ends and a curler gives me the curly ends I love. I did this all around my head, wrapped up and went to bed.

{6} In the morning, I just unraveled, lightly separated and generously fluffed and picked my hair to attain volume. I loved my hair! It was soft and so fluffy and really defined. The perfect outcome.

Wash day flat twist out

Wash day flat twist out

Wash day flat twist out


Let me know if you try any of these products or techniques down below in the comments!


C Marie


Express Sheet Mask Review | Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet “Honey”

Express Sheet Mask Review | Holika Holika Juicy Mask Sheet "Honey"

This sheet mask is from Skin18 and I was super excited to try this because I’ve seen these “juicy” sheet masks by Holika Holika at top curated Korean beauty sites all over. From Peach and Lily to MemeBox, these always stood out so when I saw them on Skin18 for such a low price, I grabbed one and I’m sad I didn’t grab more. So here’s an express mask review featuring the 5 “W’s” and “How”!

Who: Holika Holika Nourishing Juicy Mask Sheet in the Honey formula

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Alcohol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Peg-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Honey Extract, Allantoin, Disodium Edta, Fragrance, Milk Protein Extract, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) Fruit Extract, Citrus Limon (lemon) Fruit Extract

Where: Skin18.com for $1.95

Why: My skin needed a dose of nourishing moisture and honey is known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and deeply hydrating properties which I needed because I hadn’t sheet masked in almost a week before this session.

What: A super soaked cellulose fiber sheet mask. The essence this was in was abundant and smelled so good. Just like fake honey and I didn’t mind it at all. The essence was a slippery gel and I could tell it would be hydrating which is exactly what I needed for slacking off on my regimen.

When: Sheet masks are usually applied after skin is cleansed, toned and usually a serum of choice is applied then, apply sheet mask to seal in that serum goodness. This is exactly what I did. I unfolded the densely packed sheet mask and applied the cool product onto my face. The mask fit very will with the eye holes completely covering my lower lids and brows for depuffing action and a nice sized mouth hole. I laid down and let it do it magic for about 40 minutes until I felt the mask sort of dry out.

How (did it do): I love sheet masks because they usually deliver immediate results and Holika Holika didn’t disappoint. Face was dewy, plump and radiant. Of course it was bright because of the reflective properties my now hydrated skin now posses. I was a happy customer.

Final Words: I really LOVE the ingredients of this mask. In K-beauty, ingredients doesn’t as much as performance but in the West, we’re sticklers about components so, the fact that it doesn’t contain parabens is great. It does have alcohol up high but I didn’t experience any drying but still giving that the side-eye. All in all, I’m going to collect all the Holika Holika Juicy Sheet Masks because of performance, quality, ingredients and price.

Giving it an A!

Highly recommend and check out the massive selection of sheet masks at Skin18.

A Simple Braid N’ Curl | Type 4 Hair

 A Simple Braid N' Curl | Type 4 Hair

After my haircut, I just have to redo all my previous hairstyles so I decided to start with a simple braid n’ curl for my kinky type 4 hair to see how cute it’d look! Ha!

Here’s my wash day:

{1} Washed twice with Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo which is my most favorite shampoo I’ve used since I’ve been natural which is almost 5 years. I like a really nice clean base to get rid of build up and grease.

{2} I always deep condition. This time, I used Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Treatment Masque which is very good. I always warm up my deep conditioner in the microwave for 15 seconds so the warm of the product can better penetrate my low porosity strands.

{3}Added a quarter size amount of Giovanni Direct Leave In on each half of my hair and blow dried my hair on high hot heat (needed to be quick so that’s why but I usually use high warm).

{4} Took small/medium sections starting in the back, lightly dampened with my spray water bottle, took a dab of Cantu Coconut Curling Cream then distributed along the length. Proceeded to braid until a little before the end then took a blue perm rod to curl the end. Continued until entire head was done.

{5} The next day, I unraveled all the rollers and braids, separated and fluffed with my trusty pick and BAM! Cuteness galore!

A Simple Braid N' Curl | Type 4 Hair

Just in case you’re a visual person, here’s a quick video I made just for you.


C Marie

This SPF Lotion Gives Me Glow, Moisture and Sun Protection Like No Ones Business

Hey my skin fiend fanatics!

I have a product I just have to rave about because it is just so awesome. Since I decided to up the skin care ante this year, I’ve been playing with chemical exfoliants, acids, and vitamin C, all of which are light/photo sensitive. This means they react to sunlight for the worse and that meant I had to get some sun protection factor going for the sake of avoiding sunspots, hyper pigmentation and discoloration. Problem was, I couldn’t stand the thought of sunscreen. Its a chemical factory laden with titanium dioxides and zinc…ugh! I’m a purist of sorts so I care not to regularly rub poison into my skin.

One fateful day, I’m in the pediatricians office scanning a parents magazine and I come across a sample: Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter SPF 15 Moisturizer. I popped it out and used it for the following two days worth of usage after my morning regimen and OMG, what a wonderful moisturizing sunscreen!

This SPF Lotion Gives Me Glow, Moisture and Sun Protection Like No Ones Business

Immediately, I went to my nearest local drugstore and bought the full size and haven’t looked back.


  • Silky smooth texture. Almost silicone-ish feel that goes on so smoothly on the skin and leaves a non shiny, non-greasy finish.
  • Very moisturizing leaving skin supple, moist and dewy looking
  • SPF of 15 which is not too low and not unnecessarily high. As a woman of color, I wanted just a bit of protection while still getting my vitamin D.
  • No titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. I’m not keen on these ingredients as they have chemical properties I’m not interested in permeating my skin. The lack of these components also prevents that white cast SPF usually causes.
  • It leaves such a wonderful bright, dewy glow. The vitamin C is definitely poppin’ in this formula and I can easily forgo highlighter or a luminizer.
  • Great packaging that allows me to one-twist lock the pump for super easy travel
  • It’s easily accessible. Garnier is a big store staple. I picked mine up from my local Duane Reade.


  • It was pretty pricey for a drugstore product with my drugstore ROBBING me by charging $19.89. I’m pretty sure ANYWHERE other than Duane Reade has it for a lower price. Also, Garnier has a $2 off coupon available to save some coins!
  • It’s so small! It’s 2.5 ounces and with daily use, that means it’ll go fast.

Will I repurchase?

Lets just say, this is a Holy Grail staple product especially with warm weather coming.


C Marie

The Easiest Most Fulfilling Way to Practice Gratitude Before Bed


Spirituality is an ongoing journey filled with tons of up and some downs. We’re human and we’re allowed to be in our feelings. To feel upset. To even feel a bit cynical. However, it’s never a good idea to hit the sack with feelings of ill will or upset. Prior to heading to sleep is the prime time to be grateful for so much in your life and negativity of the day’s past will only block your blessings.

In the past, I’ve hosted my Magic Challenge, with month long daily exercises for breeding and multiplying prosperity and goodness and I’m bringing back one exercise to practice before bed every night:

Think of the best thing that happened to you today and say thank you three times for that magical moment.

What this simple practice does instantly is bring up all the good things that happened to you today immediately pushing any negative things that may have occurred straight to the back of your conscience. You may even realize you’ve had multiple awesome things that happened today and even if nothing super special happened that day, simple occurrences such as seeing your family after a long day at work, having your favorite lunch or catching the bus which made your “late day” into an “on-time” day will make you appreciate the little things so much more.

The three thank you’s are just the cherry on top of the gratitude sundae. The power of three really solidifies any words. The first to bring it to mind. The second really listen to it and the third to feel it. When saying the thank you’s, it’s important you feel the words. Let them move you. The last one should bring a smile to your face right before your you drift off into sleepland.

You simply cannot go wrong with such a simple bedtime ritual. Start tonight and begin to breed positivity and start your journey into The Magic power of gratitude.


C Marie

Super Sheet Mask Haul From Skin18

Super Sheet Mask Haul From Skin18

So I hauled a sh!t ton of sheet masks because I have an addictive personality and when I start researching it leads to discoveries and discoveries lead to usage and that turns to love and then to addiction and over buying leading ultimately to brokeness and living without a home but tons of skincare products so I can have beautiful skin for a homeless person.

With all that said, I made a super sheet mask haul from a site I came across one restless night, however, I do not have to worry about the homeless part because these sheet masks are super inexpensive! I mean starting at 85 cents cheap.

Skin18 is an online retailer selling tons of K-beauty brands (which I’m in lust with) at really affordable prices. It’s a great chance to stock up, try out and re up on skincare goodies which is exactly what I did. Skin18 is also awesome in that they include a ton of free sheet masks with a minimum purchase or, you could even just order their freebies and just pay shipping and handling! Not many places give you that luxury.

Onto the haul, I got an eye cream and 22 sheet masks all for $40. Score! First, all the sheet masks I purchased.

imageimageimageand here are the freebies

Super Sheet Mask Haul From Skin18

Took about 20 days for the package to arrive from Hong Kong but it was free shipping and I wasn’t in a rush so hey, I’ll wait.

I’ll be reviewing all these sheet masks individually in the near future so be on the lookout for what sheet masks are rocking my world. Looking forward to another purchase from Skin18 soon too.


C Marie