One Meal At A Time | The Secret to Successfully Approaching a Diet

One Meal At A Time | The Secret to Successfully Approaching a Diet

When most think of losing weight or a diet, it’s seen as an arduous task. Even more vexing, when one has a large amount of weight to lose and think of how much time it’ll take to reach your goal.

While listening to my daily self-help, entrepreneurial and goal achieving audiobooks, I heard a gem. Its not a gem I haven’tย heard before but I thought of it in another way:

Do something everyday, even if it’s a little step, towards attaining your goal.

Its pretty straightforward. Do something. Everyday.

Then I thought of my weight loss goal and my continuos struggle to maintain motivation. Its hard when you think of 50 poundsย later, or eating clean for an entire week much less a month. Its not quite easy to see the larger picture but what if we focused smaller. Beyond eating well for the week. Let go closer than a even say, a day. Lets focus on hour by hour. Aha! Make a wise choice every single hour.

Like for breakfast this morning, I had the option of cereal with cows milk (not bad but Im staying away from animal secretions), a bag of Chex mix (empty carb central) and then I spotted a nice bowl of instant oatmeal and nuts. The best option of all. Paired with a mega mug of green tea, I made a wise choice to set me up for better choices throughout the day, leading to better choices throughout the week leading me closer to my weight loss goals!

Take it one meal at a time instead of overwhelmingly wondering how you’ll achieve your weight loss goals and you’ll wonder when the weight fell off miraculously without feeling deprived or unmotivated. Each meal/hour should be your best choice supplemented by healthy drink options as well. Every hour, have an 8 ounce glass of water. You’ll be shocked by the end of the day, how much more water you’ll have consumed and reap the benefits of not even being as hungry as you thought you were. Most times hunger cues are really just thirst in disguise.

So, with this new realization in use, I look forward to keeping you all informed with my continuing weight loss goals. So far, since August 2015, I’ve lost a humble 28 pounds making me 214 currently. My first goal is to get back under 200 lbs. I’m sure I’ll get there. One meal at a time.


C Marie

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