How I Lost 10 Pounds in 4 Weeks!

how I lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks

Diet and exercise. The End.



Ha! Just kidding. Unicorn tears and Olympian strength training.


Ok, let me stop the games.

So, the “New Year, New You” stuff rolls around for 2016 and I vowed to really take losing my baby weight seriously because only for so long can you say “it’s baby weight”. It was resolution time and a fresh start for the struggle I’ve found in starting weight loss. From holiday eating and just plain laziness, I found myself 229 pounds at the beginning of the month of January 2016 originally weighing 242 at the end of my pregnancy. Um, that sucks. I’m lucky that I’m 5’9″ and pretty proportional but, I felt so heavy and not “me”.Β  So, it was time to overhaul. Here’s what I did.


Funny story: in mid December, I was skipping through cable channels and came across an infomercial of people doing a dance workout. I rolled my eyes because Zumba and I aren’t friends. I have poor coordination and dancing was just corny to me but as I watched further, I saw it was my bestie in my head, Shaun T! Creator of Insanity, T25 and the infamous Hip Hop Abs had created a new dance workout titled Cize. By the end of the infomercial, I was on the website with card in hand. Really Quickly before I pressed “Place Order”, I looked up some Amazon reviews. They were hit and miss and I kinda backed out of the purchase.

Would you believe 10 minutes later, I received an email saying “Thank you for your order”!? I was in disbelief for half a minute then took it as a sign. Do Cize and see what happens.


January first, I took my weight (229), measurements (see below) and popped in the first of 6 dance routines. It was fun! I enjoyed doing it. I actually completed 6 days in a row and had to ask my boyfriend if I should take a rest because I was fine doing 7 days. I danced and sweat and learned routines to hot songs like “Lose my Breath” by Destiny’s Child, “Pass That Dutch” by Missy Elliot and “Chandelier”by Sia. By the time I looked at the calendar, it was the end of 30 days my weigh in said 219. Ten pounds gone.


Diet is 80% of weight loss so this step is EVERYTHING. I started meal prepping. Yes. I proportioned out a set amount of food for lunch and dinner which lasted for about 4 days until I made food again to last for the remainder of the week and did that for the entire month. Why did this work?

FullSizeRender copy

top: sweet potatoes and a veggie pattie cut up bottom: bean chili with brown rice shells

  1. My food was portion controlled. I measured out my protein, carbs and just filled up the rest of my container with veggies. This always leads to good things when you have a handle on HOW MUCH one’s eating.
  2. I didn’t have to worry about WHAT to eat. Bad decisions are usually made in hunger and if I took the “what do I eat?” part out of the equation, it’s less likely that I’d veer off course. I had no excuse because all my portioned meals were ready for me.

I also went back to my whole food plant based meal plan. Basically, I cut out meat and dairy. I consumed 3 liters of water a day and I had apples for snacks. Ta. Da. For breakfast, I have a green smoothie and/or a cup of oatmeal.

I bought about twenty 24 ounce containers from my local “dollar” store. Love em.

Here are the stats and a pic!

don't mind mind the letter lol!

don’t mind mind the letter lol!


Weight: 229lbs

Bust: 46.5″

Waist: 38.5″

Hips: 47″


Weight: 219 lbs

B: 45″Β  -1.5

W: 36.5″Β  -2

H: 45.25″Β  -1.75

Ten pounds and 5.25 inches ain’t too bad at all. Ready for another ten. Goal is under 200 by end of March and ultimate goal is 160-170. I’ll see.

Take Care,

C Marie


  1. Esmiley February 6, 2016 / 11:06 am

    Great work! I have been losing weight, but this is a very detailed plan. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cee Cee February 23, 2016 / 4:30 pm

      I hope I helped!

  2. Anonymous February 6, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    Pure awesomenessπŸ’‹

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