The Easiest Most Fulfilling Way to Practice Gratitude Before Bed


Spirituality is an ongoing journey filled with tons of up and some downs. We’re human and we’re allowed to be in our feelings. To feel upset. To even feel a bit cynical. However, it’s never a good idea to hit the sack with feelings of ill will or upset. Prior to heading to sleep is the prime time to be grateful for so much in your life and negativity of the day’s past will only block your blessings.

In the past, I’ve hosted my Magic Challenge, with month long daily exercises for breeding and multiplying prosperity and goodness and I’m bringing back one exercise to practice before bed every night:

Think of the best thing that happened to you today and say thank you three times for that magical moment.

What this simple practice does instantly is bring up all the good things that happened to you today immediately pushing any negative things that may have occurred straight to the back of your conscience. You may even realize you’ve had multiple awesome things that happened today and even if nothing super special happened that day, simple occurrences such as seeing your family after a long day at work, having your favorite lunch or catching the bus which made your “late day” into an “on-time” day will make you appreciate the little things so much more.

The three thank you’s are just the cherry on top of the gratitude sundae. The power of three really solidifies any words. The first to bring it to mind. The second really listen to it and the third to feel it. When saying the thank you’s, it’s important you feel the words. Let them move you. The last one should bring a smile to your face right before your you drift off into sleepland.

You simply cannot go wrong with such a simple bedtime ritual. Start tonight and begin to breed positivity and start your journey into The Magic power of gratitude.


C Marie

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