Meet my favorite Producer | Baynes

Baynes | My Favorite Producer

Let’s just first off start by saying, there’s a difference between a beat maker and a producer. Who I’m introducing here, is a producer in all shapes and forms.

Baynes, New York based producer, plays instruments including being classically trained in the piano as well as engineering, mixing and mastering his beats. He’s also the creator of 99% of the great tunes you hear playing background to my videos.

His range is incredible, going from hardcore hip hop to mellow “Summer in Brooklyn”-like beats I prefer.

I’m so glad to have him as a supporter of the Co Co B Movement and if you’re in need of great beats, mixing or recording, look no further than Baynes.

Here’s a taste of one of his beats. Listen. Chill. Ride Out.


For more, check out his SoundCloud here and look out for more of Baynes’ musical stylings in my YouTube videos.