4b Summer Wash N Go Trials!

4b Summer Wash N Go Trials!

Since my haircut, I want to redo all my past hairstyles and the one I most anticipated was the famed wash n go. I like to call it defining my curls because most take the phrase WAY too literally but most naturals know what a wash n go is.

Playing with conditioner, leave in and gel combos have been so fun and they styling ease has been a welcome side effect.

Pros of a wash n go:

  • All in the shower styling. From cleansing to gel, everything I do is all contained within my shower
  • Nothing to worry about after I exit shower but drying hair.
  • My hair stays detangled because I rewash every two to three days.
  • I utilize finger detangling only which maintains my curl pattern but is really easy on my fine 4b hair.
  • Hair is perpetually moisturized because of frequent washes.
  • Because of frequent washes, my edges are sprouting. Also, the out style causes no tension on my edges.
  • My hair is always styled so I’m ready for any event and any moment. I don’t have to retwist, untwist, curl, fluff, nothing! And the style only gets better with age.

Cons of a wash n go

  • Single strand knots are multiplied! They’re usually the reason I ALWAYS veer from my wash n go lifestyle. I cant bear to have terrible ends.
  • All the damn money I’m spending on finding the perfect product combos. Ok, thats not a legit con but beware, the search will always continue.

Here are some product combos I’ve tried thus far:


This is my first wash n go of the season, using Giovanni Direct Leave In, Shea Moisture Omega 3 6 9 Conditioner and Ecostyler Argan Oil Gel. My favorite wash n go results thus far. Unfortunately, I feel by day 3/4, my hair was dryish due to Eco.



Then I wanted a softer hold so for this was n go, I experimented with Giovanni Direct Leave In, a bit of the Shea Moisture Conditioner, Eden Bodyworks Coconut Curl Defining Creme and Wetline Xtreme Gel. Hair was really soft but became pretty dry and dull by the time wash day rolled around. Coils were really defined though. Held up during a rainstorm that I was actually in the middle of.



My latest wash n go, I wanted to add more definition so I clarified with Mizani Puriphying Shampoo to remove all build up, overnight deep conditioned with DevaCurl Heaven In Hair, did a clay rinse to define curls consisting on bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. I then used DevaCurl One Condition as my leave in and WetLine Xtreme as my gel of choice.


This was my least favorite wash n go yet. It had no volume and I think I put too much gel because it was so so hard. I just threw it up into a high bun for a couple days.


I’ll be experimenting all season long so stay on the lookout for more! In the mean time, check out this Wash N Go With Me video!


C Marie

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  1. Alexandria S. January 5, 2017 / 9:00 pm

    This is such a bomb post. My single strand knots were disrespectful so I gave up the wash and go lifestyle even though it seems like the most convenient option for my strands. Grrr!

    Also, after stalking your blog for a while I have some observations and lowkey think you’re my blogging twin (except your content is 10x more fab), but our hair is practically the same. You don’t blog consistently though (like me) and that sucks. I’m here to hold you accountable, lol. I’m totally a new devoted follower!

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