Counting My Blessings For the Last Time in 2015

Counting My Blessings For the Last Time in 2015

What did I accomplish this year?

New Year’s Eve is generally a day of reflection and future goal planning. A day where we recognize our accomplishments, learn from mistakes then move accordingly for self-betterment.

I like to take this day to sit with my journal and a smooth pen and begin to count my blessings then plan goals. But since it’s year’s end, I’ll do the top ten things I’m grateful for this year, read them aloud and say thank you three times after each. It’s always extremely important in order to be blessed, happy and remain positive to understand and truly be grateful for what you have, what you’ve done and where you are in life. Always find the good in all situations no matter how far off track you think you may be because it could always be worse.

So I invite you this day to Count Your Blessings with me for the last time in 2015. Write ten things you’re grateful for this year and why. Afterwards, reread them out loud and say thank you three times, feeling as much gratitude as you can emit with each thank you. Radiate in the feeling of being blessed and continue until the list is done.

Top Ten Things I’m Grateful for in 2015

  1. First and foremost, I am so thankful for my health because there are so many that did not make it to see this day. I have all my breath, I have all my limbs and I have no illness to weigh me down.
  2. I am truly blessed for my healthy pregnancy because there are many women who have troubled pregnancies or miscarriages, difficulties and constant sickness and I’m just so thankful to have had a very smooth healthy pregnancy and a smooth vaginal delivery.
  3. I am so grateful for my son, Avery, because he’s taught me a lot about being responsible and being less selfish which in turn, makes me a better person. I prioritize better and he’s one of my best friends. His little smile lights up my world especially when I put my face to his and he just grabs it with both hands and coos. My heart melts.
  4. I am so truly grateful for my partner, Courtney, because he is truly my balancer. He is the opposite of me and through that, he has brought so many changes to my world. He also is the biggest supporter of my dreams and encourager. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t even have this blog.
  5. I am so blessed for my family because they are my rocks. I know I can always count on anyone of them to help me through any situation I’m going through or to just be my clubbing buddies or to throw me amazing baby showers or…I just…love each one of my family members and Courtney’s family too. Family is life.
  6. I am so happy and blessed for the amount of growth I’ve experienced with my YouTube channel because its been a little over a year and I’m approaching 4,000 subscribers! Four thousand people are interested in my content and its just such a wonderful feeling to finally be doing something I’ve always wanted to do since 2008. It’s even cooler because I can officially call myself a producer. What I’ve always wanted.
  7. I am so thankful for any income I’ve obtained this year because I do not have a 9 to 5 consistent job so unemployment and freelancing has provided so much when it came time to prepare for baby and creating a warm home and helping out with groceries and laundry. I’m so grateful for every dollar received.
  8. I am grateful for finally finishing my Associates degree because it’s been YEARS and I finally finished my two-year degree. It’s so easy to fall off track but the impending birth of my son was the push I needed to finally complete the first steps in my education and I cannot wait to continue onto my Bachelor’s.
  9. I am so thankful for my home because I was able to create a place that Avery could feel warmth in. It was truly a makeover that took months but this temporary setup is comfortable for all of us and to know I achieved it with a few dollars every week is so satisfying.
  10. I am truly blessed and happy that I have a positive mindset because there are so many things that could make me down, upset, cynical but my faith in the universe, belief of gratitude and allowing my dreams to never drown will ALWAYS get me to my goals. I never doubt for one moment I won’t achieve my goals because anything I wanted–needed–I obtained. I am so thankful to the practice of gratitude. It genuinely saved my soul.

Prepare for your next step which is writing out those resolutions which are more important than people think. Stay tuned and Happy New Year, loves!

xo, C Marie

Counting My Blessings For the Last Time in 2015

Am I Going Bald? |Dealing With Postpartum Shedding

Am I Going Bald? |Dealing With Postpartum Shedding

Thou Giveth and Thou Taketh Away.

I’m going through it you guys. I’m one of them. “Those” women.

I’m experiencing postpartum shedding. That period of time after giving birth where all that luxuriously thick hair that barely shed during pregnancy decides to boom flick off your head all at once.

Am I Going Bald? |Dealing With Postpartum Shedding

Hair in the carpet. Stragglers on my turtleneck. Plastered to the shower walls. Dwelling on my son’s blanket. Hair, hair, everywhere. *insert sad face here*

This is super common though. My sister who gave birth a month before me is going through it too. She thinks she’s dying…But I stressed to her it’s part of life. Hair goes through a resting phase due to pregnancy hormones, preventing usual shed hairs from falling thus building up super thick, can barely brush or comb hair. My hair became so thick during pregnancy, even worse it was summer. It was like a helmet. When hormones drop back to normal levels, so do those hair follicles, releasing hairs that were held onto during pregnancy.

Am I Going Bald? |Dealing With Postpartum Shedding

My shedding from 4 days of no combing

What I did read is that if breastfeeding, which I am, the release of shed hairs may not be so drastic. It also helps to continue to take prenatal vitamins.

Here are the steps I’m taking to keep hair on my head.

  • I know it’s not the preferred idea but I’m keeping my hair straightened.

Natural hair tangles like a mug and having major shedding will only make my hair care regimen a nightmare. I’ve been keeping my hair flat ironed and/or rollerset for the past couple months and I love it. I can easily comb my hair, moisturize it and protective style it without worrying about single strand knots, tangles and long styling sessions. Easy peasy!

I never go a month without this staple in my regimen. I find it helps with hair fall by strengthening my hair and the roots. I’ve been using it since my transitioning days in 2010 and its still awesomeness. A must before my flat iron sessions.

  • Keep a really good nutritious diet

I ran out of prenatals a while ago and have been taking my adult multivitamin gummies and hair skin and nails vitamin, drinking green smoothies at least 3 times a week and gulping at least 51 oz of water a day. AT LEAST. Not just for hair but for my little compadre drinking from my boobie. Knowing I’m providing nutrition for the both of us makes it that much easier to keep it up.

  • Protective style to continue to retain length
  • Keep hair well moisturized to prevent breakage
  • Protect my edges by oiling and avoiding friction
  • Continue my micro trimming routine as shedding can make hair very uneven
  • Deep condition ALWAYS

Well my dears,

I hope these tips helped and I know it’ll end soon but it can seem a bit daunting going through it. Just know, you’re not alone and that your happy healthy baby is your pride and joy!

Am I Going Bald? |Dealing With Postpartum Shedding


C Marie