Crochet Braids| Freetress Water Wave

crochet braids| freetress water wave

Crochet braids.

Simple. Stylish. Practical. This hairstyle is one that’s running the hair world using various hair textures, colors and styling allowing those to achieve big hair greatness in multi-faceted colors all while protecting their strands for weeks, even months!

My sister, Tracy, loves them so much, this is her 4th install done by me and I love using each visit as a chance to improve my braiding techniques, patterns and speed.

Just in case you have no clue what crochet braids are or have no idea how to install, I’m detailing the entire process I’ve done on Tracy.

{1} We started with nice clean and conditioned hair. This is a long term style so making sure the scalp is clear or dirt and well conditioned ensures protection and deters early removal due to excessive scalp irritation. Also, stretched hair is ideal before braiding hair for easy, firm braids. Her hair had dried in plaits so that was sufficient enough to braid on. crochet braids| freetress water wave

{3} Using Cantu Coconut Curling Cream, an amazingly moisturizing cream, I made sure all her strands were coated to prevent breakage and hold up to weeks in braids then sealed in the moisture with my revisited favorite sealant, Blue Magic Castor Oil Grease. This keeps hair pliable and all moisture in for days and days.

crochet braids| freetress water wave

{4} Instead of the usual straight back braiding I had been doing in previous installs, I decided to do ten braids half way then beehive braid the back. This allowed parting options in the front and the beehive prevents spacing and gaps and offers more fullness. I also felt it was faster to fill the area when I began crocheting.

crochet braids| freetress water wave

crochet braids| freetress water wave {5} This was our first time trying the Freetress Water Wave pattern but we’ve been using the Freetress brand all along. We wanted a less tangly hair pattern than the Presto Curl and knew the Water Wave pattern would get better with age. The hair is incredibly soft and bouncy. Loved it!

IMG_5746crochet braids| freetress water wave

crochet braids| freetress water wave

I bought 2 packs of the color 1B and a pack of 1B/30 for some summer color.

{6} We only used 2 packs which were cut in half. I used a crochet needle (beauty supply store) to install hair. We also separated the strands to create more natural volume. If a strand got to frizzy, I just used a bit of the Curling Cream to smooth it right out.

A few hours later, we were finished and Tracy absolutely loved the curliness of this hair.

{7} Using shears, I just trimmed any flyaways and gave the hair a bit more shape and she was ready for summer fun!

IMG_5741 IMG_5743 crochet braids| freetress water wave

And that’s all folks!

Are you planning on rocking some crochet braids? Whats your favorite hair and pattern to install?

Comment below!