Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set

Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set

This is my second flexi rod set and I wanted to take the time down and record the process for you guys.

{1} I sectioned my hair into 3 sections now instead of the standard 4 sections most do. I isolate my fragile crown section and have 2 sections on either side of my head. I love this new habit because I can detangle easier and focus on being more gentle towards my crown area. Plus I can saturate the area with extra product while avoiding extra stress by forcing into those previous 4 quadrants. I explain more about my crown issues in this post.

{2} On dry hair, I applied As I am Coconut Cowash to my scalp. Absolutely saturated my scalp to really cleanse it as it’s summer and my hair is starting to get muskier a bit faster. I then spread the cowash to my ends and massaged like crazy. I didn’t feel like shampooing this week so I needed this cowash to get my hair as cleansed as possible to withstand the week of style. I twisted up the saturated sections, covered with a plastic cap then let it marinate for about 30 minutes. Not on purpose but because I became preoccupied.

{3} Headed to the shower and rinsed well with warm water. As I rinsed, I used my wide tooth shower comb and gentely detangled each section under running water which always eases detangling. I did another cowashing to get “squeaky” results. It worked because any residue was gone and my hair made that “squeak” we know so well.

{4} I make it my duty to deep condition with every wash, cowash or otherwise, and today was no different. I warmed up my Shea Moisture Zanzibar Marine Complex Conditioner with the last little bit of my ApHogee 2 Minute Reconstructor and worked the warm mixture into my strands focusing on that top crown portion making sure it was well coated. No breakage allowed there now! I twisted up the soaked sections, popped 2 plastic caps on and decided to sleep overnight in the conditioner. Since it had a small bit of the protein based conditioner and balanced with the ultra moisturized conditioner, I wasn’t worried about over moisturizing or protein overload. Balance!

Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set

{5} Bright and early, I rinsed out the deep conditioner with lukewarm water making sure to rinse my scalp well of product while lightly finger detangling in those same 3 sections. You can see, detangling is implemented throughout wash day very often.

{6} One section at a time, I apply my favorite leave in, Giovanni Direct Leave In, about a quarter amount to each section because that stuff spreads beautifully especially on wet hair. Then, began grabbing little sections for my flexi rod set . I used (for the first time) Lottabody Texturizing Setting Lotion which I put in a little spray bottle for easy use and dampened each section with it. Detangled (!) thoroughly using the Denman Brush which I really enjoy and rolled up!

Wash Day | Flexi Rod SetWash Day | Flexi Rod SetUsed a combination of orange, gray and purple flexi rods and some perm rods in the front for shorter frizzier areas.

Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set

Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set

Look at the shine on that roller!

{7} When 100% dried, I unrolled all the flexi rods in a spiral motion following the curl as to not disrupt it.

{8} Used Creme of Nature Gloss & Shine Polisher to separate the curls into cute little ringlets.

Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set

Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set

before separating

Wash Day | Flexi Rod Set


It took about 15 minutes before humidity reared its head and poofed my roots *sobs uncontrollably*. I’m just happy I didn’t straighten and get poofed roots. At least the curls just get big and fluffy and work WITH the style, not against.

Wash Day | Flexi Rod SetWash Day | Flexi Rod Set


  • Despite me saturating my hair with the Lottabody setting lotion, my hair was still too soft! I wanted that nice spritz type crisp hold to my curls. Not here, not today. My hair was super soft (not complaining) but I don’t see how this will hold for a week. I’m already in a headband on day 1!
  • Too much Lottabody gives flakes. They are covered easily with oil but just a note.
  • Serums are very helpful in keeping the style slightly humidity resistant.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll be maintaining by putting a scarf on my roots and plopping a bonnet on before bed. Wish me luck!



Best Tips for Dealing With Crown Breakage

Best Tips For Dealing With Crown Breakage

Since I can remember, the hair at the very top of my head has been troublesome. When I was little and got cornrows, I had a little Alfalfa sprig sticking straight up. I use to take safety scissors right to it when my parents weren’t looking. Relaxed, it didn’t do too bad but it was always full of split ends. Ravaged by endless splits, that area of my hair had to perpetually keep trimmed. And now, back to being an adult natural, I can see why I attacked that area with scissors in the past.

Hair at the crown (the very top portion of hair on the head) gets exposed to most of the elements making it coarse, dry and fragile. Most times, if you’re natural, it usually is a completely different texture than any other part of the hair.

Mine is.

Best Tips For Dealing With Crown Breakage

I’m a loose S-curl shaped curl pattern (4a) primarily around the perimeter of my hair. It holds moisture and water beautifully and no matter how much friction occurs in that area, hard to incur breakage or damage. My crown on the other hand is going to be the death of me. Coarse, fragile, wiry in texture and breaks like nobody’s business. It’s SUPER frizzy and only when thoroughly and deeply moisturized can give some inkling to a defined curl pattern (unless coaxed by ungodly amounts of gel). It’s a completely different hair pattern. A sharp, kinky, zig-zagging 4b and shrinks to 75% of it true length. I’s continuously dry or doesn’t even absorb moisture. I even believe it grows slower than the rest of my hair! Because of this unfortunate situation, my hair shape is always weird. A Christmas tree, I call it. Short at the top, long at the bottom. It makes me sad but I’ve got a way to finally tame the crown leading it to length glory!

Here’s the biggest tip:


Yes, grab that trouble area, whether it be your crown, edges, nape…wherever, and treat it like its own country. It has seceded from the Union and is it’s own entity. This is the best tip because why would one treat a part so different, so totally unique from the rest, the same? It needs separate care during your hair routine. Isolate it during shampooing, (deep) conditioning, moisturizing and styling. Focus on being gentle to that area instead of lumping it together with the hair that behaves easily. You’ll be amazed on how not so difficult the area is when with it’s “people” strands. It’s easier to make sure the hair is properly coated with product from root to tip and detangled gently because you can gauge how much pressure/ease the trouble area needs. It doesn’t take any extra time if you already section your hair, just dividing it differently. Also, there’s no extra tension by pulling it into the usual 4 quarters most separate their hair into.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Water, cream, oil, conditioner, shea butter…nourish those parched strands. Mechanical breakage mostly occurs when hair is dry and snaps. Keeping hair moist and pliable is the solution for retaining length in your trouble area. When I started isolating the area, it became was easier to concentrate applying products to prevent breakage thus allowing me to finally grow the area! So take the time and coat the crown well now that you can see every nook and cranny.

So far, these are the main tips to handling my Christmas tree hair shape but it’s all I need right now to make a come back and get my hair growth on track!

Happy Hair Journey!


My Top Deep Conditioners for Low Porosity Type 4 Natural Hair

My top deep Conditioners for low porosity 4b hair

I have a love affair with deep conditioners. Since I was relaxed, I’ve always known the importance of implementing moisture through a thick masque slathered into my strands and heated to perfection. Because of my dependance on deep conditioners, I don’t even buy conditioners anymore. There’s no point to them actually (for me). I just cleanse and straight to deep conditioning and use it to detangle with as well.

For me, a deep conditioner must:

  • Have some form of slippery texture (slip) in which I can detangle my super kinky coily hair
  • Be ultra moisturizing from application to rinse out to styling
  • Be accessible because my hair is thick so I run through jars like nothing
  • Smell good!

My top deep Conditioners for low porosity 4b hair

My hair’s texture is very finicky. It mainly disapproves of most things because it just sits on top and doesn’t absorb or makes it crunchy. So when a product actually delivers to these strands, I sit up and take note and SHARE the word to my type 4 sisters!

Here, I list my most favorite deep conditioners I’ve tried on my hard to penetrate, tightly coiled kinky natural hair that’s done nothing but give me hair satisfaction like nobody’s business!

Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner

1. Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner $1.79-$2.50

Beauty Supply Stores, Ulta

These deep conditioners are readily available at most beauty supply stores at a very affordable price especially if you just want to try it without investing in a big jar but after I tried it, I was sad it didn’t come in a jar. I love this DC. It smells delicious. Like fruit and bubblegum! The texture is thick, not runny making it a viable candidate to stick to strands and penetrate for maximum benefits. The keratin formula is great for my hair type, it being fragile and all. It strengthens and the keratin patches cuticle damage (which I had from coloring) to give the hair a smoother feel. I plan on re-upping on this goodie while I’m using heat more frequently now and trying their other formulas such as the argan oil and macadamia oil line.

Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment

2. Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment $16.95

Jessicurl.com, CurlMart.com, some Beauty Supply Stores

I cannot explain to you how serious this conditioner is. The moisture packed power punch it delivers is so serious I made it to three bottles straight before I rotated deep conditioners. I first discovered this gem during my foray into the Max Hydration Method where the conditioners that were permitted couldn’t include silicones and proteins. This was on the approved list and I happened to find this for $17 (oy!) at a very nice beauty supply store. Thank the holy hair gods because I have a staple deep conditioner for life now. The Jessicurl Deep Conditioner comes in two scents and I always get the citrus lavender which has a very strong herbal scent to it that lasts but smells lovely. Its super thick. Like slapping the bottle upside down thick. It’s creamy and spreads nicely on damp hair. It’s not the most slippery conditioner but if you need moisture to really dig deep in your strands, this cannot be beat. No, silicones, no protein, rinses cleanly…Naturals of all textures rave about it and I can see why. One day, I’ll buy the gallon size but the money is tight right now…

Shea Moisture Manuka and Mafura Hair Masque

3. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque $11.99


This is the deep conditioner I’ve currently been working on. This can exclusively be bought at Target as 10% of the proceeds go back to aiding poverty so its a DC on a mission! I saw all the naturals raving about this product for months and the itch had to be scratched. Ran to Target and scored it for a sale price of $10.99. This is goodness in a jar right here. I love the sweet sultry smell. I wish it lingered in my hair. Its extremely thick and a little goes a long way but its not the easiest to spread, in my opinion. I have to make a lot of sections to make sure its getting to all my strands. Due to previous experiences, I know honey and my hair are BFFs. I dont know what it is about that ingredient but it may be the humectant properties that delivers such softness and moisture. Man, the moisture is great! I’ve been using it on my wash days prior to flat ironing and because of its properties, I’m able to go a solid week without moisture, applying oil or anything. It’s literally infused into my hair and for that, this deep conditioner is #winning! As always, Shea Moisture has a nice natural base to all their products so unless you’re allergic to honey, this is a product for anyone looking for a conscious product.

TGIN Honey Miracle Mask

4. TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask $14.99-$17.99

Thankgodimnatural.com, Target, some Beauty Supply Stores

Holy Grail, holy grail holy grail. I hate to pick favorites but baybeeeeee, this conditioner is the bomb.com (do people still say that?). I made it to my third jar before I decided to do “no silicone” as this deep conditioner has dimethicone (a silicone which may cause build up on hair strands) in it but I’m going back to you. As I said in the previous product, something about honey makes my hair like butt-er. The makers of this goodie right here got it so right. Its a medium thick texture. Not as heavy as the Shea Moisture one which makes it’s spreading capabilities remarkable. With this one, a little can definitely go a long way. It smells tropical and coconutty. Sweet but not cloying. The infusion of the honey, olive oil and dimethicone makes this a detangling dream! When I tell you I can easily finger comb through all my hair from application to rinse out, it’s just scary how much slip this deep conditioner provides. It’s so rich and if I had to pick out of all of these one deep conditioner forever…its so hard between the Jessicurl and this but, I’d go with the TGIN Honey Miracle Mask. They certainly delivered the miracle. My type 4 girls cannot go wrong with this one.


  • As a low porosity 4b girl, I ALWAYS USE HEAT when deep conditioning. It cannot be any other way. Nothing penetrates the tightness of those cuticles so it has to be raised with heat. I either like to a) head underneath the hooded dryer for 30-45 minutes or b) warm up the conditoner in the microwave for 20 seconds then apply to hair and wrap a towel around it for about 20 minutes.
  • A plastic bag is just as good as a plastic processing cap
  • Overnight deep conditioning is just not necessary. It may weaken strands and make hair mushy. Refer to tip one.

If you’re on the hunt for a staple deep conditioner or just want to try a new one, I hope my kinky coily low porosity suggestions helped!

Happy Hair Journey

–C Marie